House rules at #execfintech

Our motivation, which is consistent to the vision that shaped the very first Pirate Summit in 2011, was and is to always organize conferences that we as founders would love to attend ourselves. Therefore, we have established some house rules which are indispensable to us for a successful #execfintech.

The house rules for #execfintech

First name

#execfintech is a first name conference. We want to skip the formalities. Meaningful connections are easier made in a trusted environment. Familiarity and closeness is the breading ground for trust. First names help with that and tear down unnecessary barriers.

VIP  = everyone

The best clubs have the best bouncers. After the door, we treat everyone the same.

We pride ourselves in carefully curating who attends our events. Our goal is to facilitate mutually beneficial connections between people with the same mindset. Also, the people we select have a story to tell. At our events every participant should potentially be a speaker and every speaker is a participant.

For us, what you can contribute is more important than the title on your business card. Therefore, we don’t do VIP areas and there is special treatment for everyone (or no one).


Everybody hates bullshit. We do too. We value authenticity. Be real.

Give Give Give Ask

The startup ecosystem has a strong pay-it-forward culture. That’s one of the main reasons why we love it. If you participate at any of our conferences we expect you to respect that culture and actively promote it. The first question when meeting someone should always be: “What can I do for you?”

Ramin Nikbin introducing the house rules at #execfintech 2015
Ramin Nikbin, MD of #execfintech, introducing the house rules at #execfintech 2015

Thanks for helping us to keep #execfintech a conference everyone enjoys visiting.

See you in March.

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