Thanks! A big shout out to our partners

#execfintech 2016 is the third edition of what once started as a small gathering of 200 people. We are proud and happy that it has grown to a 600 people conference. Our mission remains the same: We connect Europe’s finance industry, focusing on selected senior Corporate Executives, successful Startup Founders and active Investors.

All this wouldn’t be possible without the support of our partners. Therefore, our sincerest thanks goes out the all of our partners and supporters.







Startups, investors and corporates attending #execfintech (excerpt)

Our mission with #execfintech is to connect the European Fintech players from the startup, investor and corporate world on executive level.

And we are proud to say that #execfintech 2016 will yet again bring us closer to our mission. We have attendees from 30+ countries (the pitch startups alone are from 17 different countries).

Check out some of the startups that will attend #execfintech 2016.

Startupcloud high new

Of course we also have the best European fintech investors. Here is an overview.

Investorcloud high

And here is an excerpt of corporates that are coming in March. More to come.

Corporatecloud high

Also, we are happy that several well-known media outlets and journalists will be attending #execfintech.


You are missing your company logo? Sorry about that. Please know that these logo clouds are just excerpts of all our attendees. Also, we have daily new signups and cannot insert them all.

Awesome networking is the secret ingredient of great events

We believe that good things happen if you bring the right people together (we curate who attends) on a topic they care about (for #execfintech that is fintech) and provide the right context and “tools”.

In the past our house rules and the coziness of the events have created a very connective atmosphere. Also we are actively introducing our participants personally throughout the day.

As we are growing in size it tends to be more difficult to connect with the right people. We address this solution by adding a variety of structured networking and matchmaking elements to #execfintech.

Networking App
This year Bizzabo is our networking app (again). The app is great for networking before the event and is our main communication channel regarding everything that happens during the event (esp. urgent topics like agenda updates etc.).

Bizzabo is the best place to get an overview of who is coming. We recommend to start contacting other attendees through the app before #execfintech to schedule personal meetings during the event.

Access to the app is restricted to attendees only. All attendees will receive an invitation to the app mid February.

Meeting Point and Networking Area
If you arrange a meeting on Bizzabo and are looking for a place to meet, the meeting point in the entrance hall is a very visible spot. For a longer chat you can just move to the networking area.

This year we are introducing NetworkingTables – a structured way to meet certain people during the event. This is how it works:

  • Tables are “owned” by an organization or an individual for a certain amount of time (there are a few tables still available for booking; contact for details)
  • Attendees can then request a meeting before the event
  • Meetings are usually 10 minutes each

We’ll announce detailed information on how to request meetings to all attendees of #execfintech around the end of February.

Speed Dating
In addition to NetworkingTables – the “structured” and pre-arranged way to meet the right people at #execfintech – speed dating is the ad-hoc way of growing your personal network.

This is how it works:

  • There are several speed dating slots in our agenda, which will be announced soon
  • Each have a certain topic, a time frame and a maximum number of people
  • People have 2-4 minutes to meet, exchange business cards and – if interested – arrange a follow up in one of the networking areas

Speed dating is the best way to meet a lot of interesting people during #execfintech. Don’t forget to bring business cards. 🙂

Session formats at #execfintech

This year we’re adapting more innovative session formats for #execfintech. We have tested various session formats during Pirate Camp 2014 and Pirate Summit 2015. Here is the essence of what has worked best.

AMA (Ask me anything)
Anyone from the audience can ask anything by just raising their hand. So basically, the good old Q&A.

Four to five chairs are arranged on stage. This is the fishbowl. Some selected participants will fill those chairs leaving 1-2 chairs empty. The moderator introduces the topic and the participants start discussing the topic. The audience outside the fishbowl listens in on the discussion.
Any member of the audience can – at any time – occupy the empty chair and join the fishbowl. When this happens, an existing member of the fishbowl must voluntarily leave the fishbowl and vacant a chair.

Open Interview
This is a mix of fishbowl and ask me anything. The person being interviewed stays in the fishbowl, and the rest of the people can sit in and become the interviewer. You have to join the fishbowl on stage to ask a question, so this creates more in-depth discussions than Q&A sessions. It’s a great way to dig deep and learn from someone.

3-5 people form a panel on a certain topic. A moderator makes sure that the panellists stay on topic. This is the classic panel you know from many conferences.

A short 5 minute ignite talk to communicate a thought or a provocative statement to spark an ongoing discussion (most of the time an ask me anything or open interview session).

A short pitch of an idea or startup. Usually followed by a short Q&A session about the topic.

Office Hours
Bring a problem and an expert will try to propose a solution/fix in a 1-on-1 session.

At least 15min presentation on one specific topic, with a lot of hands-on hacks/hints. Basically a useful keynote.