Radically faster credit enquiries with digital account check

From time to time we highlight services by our partners.

The digital account check is a service by arvato Financial Solutions.
Credit enquiries and especially the credit checks usually take days – often weeks. Our partner arvato Financial Solutions offers a digital account check that radically reduces this waiting time. In fact the digital account check is – as the name indicates – completely digital and happens in real time.

The enquirer can now enter his account data via online interface and confirms the account check by the loan creditor. The whole checking process is then done by arvato Financial Solutions.

Online is not only faster, it’s also available anywhere. Thus, the digital account check can be integrated in the online processes as well as in-store. It is an uncomplicated shortcut as it integrates account information and scoring seemlessly in the application process.

You can find more information about the digital account check at finance.arvato.com.


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